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So I was just shooting the doo doo with a friend who is currently involved in a 4 state guide survey, of fly gear.. he told me that of 100 guides questioned 39 of them said they would prefer to fish the scientific angler mastery fly lines over any other lines.. hmmm food for thought:think:
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I have also heard that the Mastery lines can't be beat.
well especially with the gpx.. which casts like its a half line size heavier, on the upper end T.F.O and Sage super fast rods it actually helps the rods load better.. some of the sage 5 wts are actually as stiff as a 6-7 and don't load well with trout tapers... the gpx is the go to line on these "super" rods, especially the cannons by TFO... just my uneducated opinion though.. I still fish glass:rolleyes:
rio lines are bad ass with the TFO's... I like shark skin with fast rods, just beware of cut fingers.
I have also heard good things about the gpx and SA mastery lines I may pick one up sometime, I have gotten good use out of my rio lines as well the rio grand is a half line wt heavier and the gold is a quarter ln wt heavier.
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