Fishing the Columbia Slough

I've fished the Slough a couple times now and think I figured out the secret to catching fish: WORMS. Caught a dozen or so Bullhead Catfish this morning, even though people say it's best to fish for them at night, these guys must not have gotten the memo, although none were trophy size they were biting non-stop. I caught one on just about every cast, within 30 seconds or so of the hook hitting the water. I caught one perch as well. I'm a convert to fishing on the slough, it's closer to my home than Salish Ponds, less crowded, more scenic, better fishing, and has plenty of places left to explore. If I'm fishing in the city I'll be at the slough from now on.

I've only been catfishing once with my grandpa a long time ago, I remember he said not to grab a catfish because they have poisonous spines that will break off in your hand, any truth to that? I didn't plan on keeping any fish from the slough so I bent the barb on the hook back then then grabbed the hook with a pair of pliers and shook the fish off when I caught one, a couple swallowed the hook and I didn't know how to grab the fish to get the hook out so I just cut the line.


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Just bring an ol' garden glove to hold the bullhead without touching spine while taking the hook out Bro...:)

I've c&r lots of them during the day at lake selmac.

I've caught lots of catfish in my time & never been poisoned by their spine.

just be careful cuz it can stick you & hurt...


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i dont think any of the fish in the slough sleep...its non stop competition for food! and anything in there will bite worms! and sooooooooo many different species of fish in there!