Fishing in the heat!

Had about an hour to kill yesterday waiting for my wife to get off work so i decided to go fish for something other than steelhead :shock: on some local waters to eugene, I toss the 3# echo and my ultralight 2-6lb trout rod that i just got for my birthday into the SUV and head for the river at noon thirty. :cool: I had my gear scattered everywhere since im used to being in my boat which feels so organized.. I realized i had no focus and just started grabbing small lures and flies from my well organized gear box and tossing them into any pocket i could find and start bush wacking down to the river :rolleyes: Wow that looks clear..HMMMM only have dry flies and nothing is rising so i put on an x caddis and make a couple of casts..Nothing. Well lets try out that new trout rod i think to myself as i pull a #1 blue fox out of my pocket...Guess this will work since what i put in my pocket is what i have haha.. on my second cast across and upstream i start my slow retrieve...bump.. thats bottom speed up my retrieve.. BAM!! THROB THROB.... WOAH, This ultalight sure makes those trout feel like stee...THATS BECAUSE IT IS A STEELHEAD!! The nice lil hen takes off downstream like a bat outta hell going aerial about every ten feet with me on the bank in hot pursuit with a trout rod and 4lb mono :lol: I sprint as fast as i can through two riffles downstream and after about ten min tire her out enough to land her! Not a bad way to break in a new trout rod:) Cheers, Bob
:clap:Great post! Nice Fish! Good Job Man!:clap:
Johnny Southpaw
Awesome! Love it when you have an unexpected dance with steel like that!
Nice fish! Thanks for the entertaining report
nice fish man, nice celio, same rod i got
Best post I've read in awhile. Way to tell it!
Lol good job not fishin' for steelhead :) They're thick through town still
I feel for you Bob... trout rod madness indeed! It's been a long time since the last time I caught something like that... but I'm sure next time I go out fishing, there will be a steelhead waiting for me.. goodluck on your next fishing adventure!
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