First time out

I went bass fishing for the first time yesterday. :clap: Just crushed them. :D I can't wait to go again.
Nice work, good time of year to get out and about. Do mind asking were you fish out of. I have been having a lot of sucess out at hagg lake on the smallmouth.
right on dude! i am new to bass fishin and lookin for advice, etc., whenever i can get it. i never been to hagg because i have heard its very crowded. i live near the tualatin and go down there time to time. usually catch a smallie or 2 each trip, but lose WAY more gear (that river is snaggy as you kno what).
Well I ussually don't give up my fishing spots.;) j/k I have been fishing hagg too. :cool:
Getting out again in a bit. :mad: Hope they are biting.
Whats with the angry face? lol good luck.
oops! it was sappose to be the dance face.
Congrats on a good day. I was on Hagg Thursday afternoon. I landed 1 nice smallmouth using a dropshot rig. It was my first smallmouth on a dropshot rig. Boy did he slam it.
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