First summer!!!!!!

so i decide to go out yesterday and do some fishing,and good thing i did on my fifth cast wham,fish on and this sucker fought like crazy,after about 5 min of fighting i got him to bank and got him barley on the shore ,and the hook comes out its flopping around about to go back in the drink and i drop on it like it was a grenade,
damn dude thats a nice sized fish. congrats :clap:
thanks man
Good fish!
Noice! I wish I could catch something that nice in my bathroom lol. What system where ya fishin if you don't mind me asking? If you don't want to disclose, that's cool too though. It's good to see people getting into the summers.
Nice sized fish there, good job.
no i don't care i got it in the area of Clearwater,and thanks guys
Right on. I was walking the bike path from island park down and was looking at the water the whole time thinking its time to get the boat out for a float soon. Maybe next weekend. Oughtta be in real good shape I'm thinking by then if they don't mess with the dams too much.
sounds like fun!
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Awesome fish, still waiting for my first summer!
Nice. The first one of the season and on the fifth cast. You must have some good fish karma going on.
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