First fishing trip in 15 years. What a blast, I am hooked.

So as I said in a previous post neither my wife or I have been fishing in about 15 years. Well that all changed today with a birthday trip to Trillium Lake.

We had an amazing time and thanks to reading up on what setups work and whatnot on this board we actually managed to both limit out.
Throbbit _Shane
happy b day and good job !! :D first of many fishing adventures i am sure :)
Nice job!!! :clap::clap::clap:

And happy birthday! I turned 30 on the 24th!!
Way to go man! Great blog and fantastic pics. Made me feel like I was right there with you all day. Now where did I live my fork........LOL

Glad you had a great birthday and your Mrs. had fun too. And welcome to OFF.

May I suggest that you get a copy of "Fishing in Oregon", by Casali & Diness? From the book, you will learn about TONS of great places to go fishing.

OH...and KUDOS to "Bear" for the loner rod n' reel. He da man!!!

P.S. If you weren't already using time you head out, try Berkley's Power Eggs w/ an Oval shaped slip sinker "off" the bottom. Lemon/Lime, Orange, Pink, Chartruese, and White are all good colors to try.
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What a wonderful way to spend a birthday! Or any day,for that matter. Congratulations on a great looking stringer,well done! :clap: Looks like we can definitely add you and your family to the roster of fine fisher folk addicted to a great sport/pastime. Welcome aboard and thanks for the report and pics! :D
strawberry shortcake
Loved your blog! It loaded easy and quick on my slow dialup situation in rural NE Oregon too. The cooking pics are great! I like seeing how folks are preparing the catch as food. I fish to fill my freezer. As a ranch owner and teacher, my budget hardly covers my living expenses (farmland is a money pit and I have gone back to school these last two years). My catch from last summer REALLY helped me make ends meet. Growing, hunting, and/or catching your own food is a great part of life.
Thanks for checking out my blog guys and gals. It really was a great day and we are looking forward to getting out a lot more in the future.

Troutdude I will have to pick up a copy of "Fishing In Oregon" sounds like a good read!
Yep. There are a lot of other fisherpeeps that have a copy of "Fishing in Oregon". It is the one book, that I refer to more than the others (at least a dozen other really good books).
Welcome back to the family of fishermen, especially as you were self-directed back into the fold!

For only being a 9.5" trout, that first one was remarkably fat.
So after getting back from our trip and replacing my Field and Stream POS that snapped that day with a 6'6" Ugly Stick we decided that fishing with "Bear's" ultra light rig that was loaned to us for the day was a whole lot of fun so we went back and bought two more rods (one for me one for her) that are both ultra light 2-6lb ~5ft rods.

So neither of us have a 2 rod license but we now have a bait rig and a lure rig (although to be fair it's not like our larger rods couldn't have been used for lures it's just that the small stuff was a lot of fun!). Now we just have to learn how to lure fish properly, but hey on that first string at least one of them was caught on a pink rooster tail so there is hope!

I have also wound up with a few Kastmasters to go with the Bang Tails, and Rooster Tails that we bought before the first trip thanks to some leftover gift card money from a family member.

The next trip is going to be this weekend, most likley to Faraday/NFR. Hopefully the new gear will prove to be succesful, but at the very least it should be reliable!
You will enjoy those 5 footers a lot. My fav trout rod, is a hollow Fiberglass Lamiglass rod...also a 5 footer. They make a 14" 'bow feel like a steelie!
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