First couple bass of the year

Few of the fish me and a buddy caught today. Also happened to be the first couple bass we caught this year. Mine(guy in white) were caught on black spinner bait and my buddy caught his on gold old night crawlers.

Good lookin fish!! Finally got my first of the year yesterday too!:)
Nice looking fish guys!
Throbbit _Shane
Nice job!!!!!!!! :D iv caught a few bass this year, most have been small though
A couple of nice hawgs! Great job! Thanks for sharing.
Sweet fish! Mind me asking what body of water that is?
just a small pond

just a small pond

Just a small pond my buddy took me to around Melrose. I don't know the name but its pretty small. The only reason I went up there was to practice fly casting. But I happened to have my other rod as well so I threw on some spinner bait and started slamming em.
Finneus Polebender
Nice ones dudes glad to see some more pics on the board should be prime time right now just wish the weather would improve>
Them are some lunkers:clap: :D Good job:dance:
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