"Fireflies" - Glow sticks for your jig tricks.

BiMarts putting up the new stock and i saw something that interested the curious angler in me (the one that always wants the new toys).
Steelhead Jigs - Fire Flies
These are tiny little glow sticks that attach to the hook, or leader, etc with a tiny silicone tube.
They also have nice maribou jigs pre setup with the sticks.

Ka-ching ... couple go in the basket

I think these will do nicely in muddy water, maybe it will scare them into striking.

Since buying them, I have had second thoughts. Are these going to be yet another "polluter" when they either fall off or get swallowed by fish? Should ethics state that we not use them?

Throwing this out for discussion.
Most of these glow sticks are non-toxic, but plastic is still plastic.
Ya I accidently bought some of those at Sportmans Warehouse about a week ago. They were like 1.80 and looked like decent jigs didn't even notice they had little glo sticks in them till I was looking at them on the way home. Haven't tried them yet though.
pull the glow stick and toss it
95% of tackle on the market is for hooking the fisherman and not the fish ;)
I would try that. specialy in that first and last hour.
5% of the fisherman can catch steelhead with that 95% of tackle! :lol:
steelhead_stalkers said:
5% of the fisherman can catch steelhead with that 95% of tackle! :lol:

true but i bet you can outfish me wit hjigs and drifting but when it comes to lures we could be equLS and when it come to plunking i will outfish most when the same person will out jig me anyday of the week. i think i fall into a wierd catagory of my own when it comes to gear and fishing. i have limited gear and no gear catches me and i make the gear i have catch fish but some stles of gear i have just ownt catch fish no matter how hard i tryu.
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