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I was planning a little family hike in camp/fishing trip for early September. Looking for some advise on these lakes Crown, Claggit, and I think Sheep Lake. I plan on taking a float tube and fly fishing gear. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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I'm not familiar with those lakes. What part of the state are they in / what towns are they near?
Take Breitenbush Rd East out of Detroit for somewhere around 11 miles, south onto forest service Rd 4685, stay on 4685 until you find spur road 330, follow 330 to the end. There is a trailhead at the end of 330. 1.2 mile hike to Crown lake. Google maps show the lakes in order from north to south as Claggett, Firecamp, and Sheep. The group of lakes are called frecamp lakes and the northernmost one is Crown then Claggett then Sheep. Crown and Claggett lakes are supposed to have primitive campsites and hold brookies. Crown is the biggest of the three but only six foot deep.
Not sure. We went in late June, and figured that the fishing would be decent, but with the cold, wet, rainy spring we had the snowpack was much greater than we expected. All 3 lakes had icebergs floating around in them and were painfully cold. A few fish rose at Sheep Lake while we were there but nothing bit for us. I'm sure that the fishing is better now that the water has warmed up a bit.
Ive been to the fire camp lakes.. it was a few years ago. The hike to the first lake was easy - trail was easy to follow.. but then passing the first lake, it was hard to find the trail to the second lake and follow it. I went with a more experienced hiker, and he fished the lakes before and told me there was not any fish in the first lake. We caught a few small trout in the 2nd lake and the fish get spooked and quit biting. The water is very clear and would be fun to get out in the water on a craft of some kind.
Ok, so I finally made it to these lakes. Went with a friend and we took 5 kids along for the trip. We camped at crown lake which is the first lake after 1/2 - 3/4 mi hike. definitely no fish there, it freezes solid in the winter so it is not stocked, but has some great campsites. Made the trip to claggett lake, trail takes off from the SE corner of crown lake and is well marked with orange paint and surveyors tape. Clagget is very clear and was worried about the fish being spooked easily. The fish were hitting on everything we threw in the water, spinners, worms, and fly action. The bigger fish were definitely hitting on the flies. Caught some nice 14-15 in brookies which were released. We kept some legal size bows and brook for the frying pan. A small raft or float tube in this lake would be killer. Worth the hike and I definitely recommend it. I will go back as soon as I get a chance.
Thanks for the report. Glad to hear theres good markings of the trail to Clagget lake. Did you happen to get any pictures ?
I will post some pics in the next day or two when I get a chance.
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