I received the carburetor kit I ordered months ago.
GD Mikuni.
These have to be the worst pile of junk made. Even worse, I had to order a complete $40 (overpriced) kit just to get a single small o-ring that should be available for less than $1.
Unfortunately, Mikuni made certain to use a nonstandard size o-ring, so that none of them in my ethanol resistant o-ring assortment will fit. Also, the o-rings supplied by Mikuni in their kits are not ethanol resistant.
I tell you now, you couldn't run fast enough to give me another Suzuki outboard.
And I'm old, fat and can barely walk.
This 25 HP, although it runs fine as a motor, is insanely expensive for every part for it.
I'm currently manually lifting and lowering the motor because the power trim/tilt ram was leaking, it can't be repaired, and must be replaced complete. Almost $2000 for the ram and pump when the entire motor assembly with the lift and controls was only $3500 new.
My recommendation is that if you are considering a new small motor, look anywhere but the Suzuki dealer.
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Chromatose said:
I looked through my (have done business with) archives and noticed these guys.
Good Luck

I think I've been in touch with this guy a couple of years back.
He wasn't sure he could rebuild my unit, but I could send it to him, price and service to be determined.
I don't do things that way.
I have to know the service can be performed and what it will cost.
My budget is so tight, even if he fixed it, I might not be able to pay him.
I'm not unfamiliar with hydraulic ram rebuilding, and could do the job myself, except I find nowhere that offers any parts for this unit. Nor can I figure out how to remove the Bore cylinder from the ram. It seems to be pressed into the base without an end cap, and no replaceable rod seals or wiper.
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