Favorite must have accessory?


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Just curious what is your must have item you have to take with you on your fishing trips? I have a few from big to small item that just make time on the water and getting there easier and more enjoyable. Whether it's bought or DIY made feel free to share, might give each other some new ideas to make the season a little better. Mine had to be my right lines rod rack. The magnetic ones are great, the only modification I made last year was when I bought a new car that has a fiberglass hood so had to swap out one magnet set for the vac attachment. Was totally leery with both styles about driving at any high speeds considering the cost of my rods I have mounted on my ride. But after over a year of using them weekly I'm a huge fan and believer and way safer from breakage and having to pack and unpack between spots. Works on any rod and any car so works great when switching cars without the hassle or anything permanent to rely on.


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most excellent

my current favorite is "Leg Luggage", great for TinyBoat fishing and I also wear mine now over my waders when bank fishing steelhead.

here is an 'in the field' shot:


the "Outdoor Edge" game shears I carry (primarily to cut gills) are also my emergency rope cutting tool.


I think the guy making these sells them mostly at sports/boat shows and through his website:


cheers, roger


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Both very cool. Been looking at getting the rod holder set up. That Leg Luggage would've been pretty handy when I pontooned..

I have nothing cool like either of those I have to take, thinking a collapsable wading staff is in the future... these new boots w no felt are gonna put me in the drink!


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The wading staff is a huge help, I know the simms is spendy with the retractor but totally worth it for functionality and safety. Also I pulled the trigger on the korkers with the boa system and just awesome


My backpack it is a fishing specific pack that I got from Bass Pro Shops. It is great when I am hiking for bank fishing. I just put it in the boat when drift fishing. It holds all my gear and tools. My must have.


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Huge fan of having things together and ready to go. Hate getting somewhere and missing something knowing is sitting at home doing me no good


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Lip gripper for bank fishing since it seems like I end up releasing most of the fish I catch. Keeps them still for pictures and release without ever touching the fish.


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