Dry fly fishing videos

Me and my sister went down to the creek for some dry fly action today. Threw on my crystal stimulator size 12 and my sister was takign video. we managed to get a few rises on camera, and even managed a few fish too. some small rainbows and i got one small cutthroat while eating lunch. these videos are kind of loud because of the riushing water but only a few have actual talking. one ahs me telling my sister to put the camera on me and the rod while the fish were tugging but she only did that for a few seconds, then me talking about what i hooked the fish on and how it was presnted to them right before the release. there are about 7 videos i think. due to the camera only taking one minute videos some footage of 2 hookups and a few rises missed, so i had to start a new video to show the fish i caught. And don't pay attention to the youtube user. it is now mine (got from a friend of mine) so all previous information, videos liked, and subscriptions etc are not from me posted were from the former owner (identity shall not be revealed ) this is now my youtube account for fishing videos. top video is of one rise to the fly, second vid has one rise, third video i got a fish, 4th video i gto a nice little bow but had to make another video to show that fish because the minute was up. and the 6th vid is the last fish http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yEg_LGSPUS8





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I <3 <><
Thats awesome man! Topwater action is THE BEST.
that's great - nice vids. thx for the post!
Dude thats awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Now I'm probably the last person to give fly fishing advice, but I think if you'd have kept your rod tip down in the first video you could have had a better shot of hooking him!

Looks like fun little water.
Nice fish, Brandon
my hooking ratio with dry flies has improved..as the people that came to my bday trip can tell you. 6 fish in six casts sometimes. i also learned they will tail slap the fly to "stun" it so they are not actually biting smetimes. im buying a ew cam..i dropped my moms in the river anyways :lol: ill have better vids after the upcomign trip with mrlindeman sometime soon.
nice videos bud
Nice videos Brandon...that one almost made you lose your shorts...hehehehehe.....see you thursday
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