Dorman Pond bass fishing


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I went bass fishing at Dorman Pond today and I saw a bunch of largemouth bass in shallow water. There was about eight bass in this shallow area with trees and weeds. I used a crankbait and a grub but they weren't interested. I plan on going back but I don't know what to use. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
Remember if you can see them they can see you. Stand back away from the edge as you cast. Same with a boat. Shadows will spook em too. Depending on water temp, they may be setting up beds for the spawn. Bluegill colors work well as they are known bed robbers. Spawning bass hate bluegill!


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1 of my techniques: get a small jig head, wacky rig a live worm on it, try to cast passed the fish, reel it in close to the fish, let it sit for a minute...your welcome
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