Dorena Lake 6-20-20


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Report for Dorena because we were skunked at cottage Grove. I definitely like Dorena more, better structure, dirtier water, less traffic, and caught some fish. Only caught one smallie and 2 Largemouths in about 5 hours but it was also a good test run of a buddy's boat. Biggest Largemouth was 2lbs 9oz, both came out of tall grass on a Zoom Lizard, weighted. Unfortunately I never clicked the screen and the fish photos didn't focus.


I was at cottage Grove last week and managed to catch a few spots but it was a tough lake! It took four hours to get the first bite. I also prefer Dorena, it's a gorgeous lake


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Every spring I take a boat load of kids to Dorena and smack the crap out of really nice trout up to 18". There are much bigger fish in there but they are deeper and I don't target them. Not sure I've ever left without a limit for each kid. I have some great memories on that lake.