Diamond, first fish

Went to Diamond today, took a fellow VietNam vet and her daughter. Dakota had never been fishing before and we kept 10 out of the 11 boated, all rainbows. Didn't hit the water till almost 9:30 and was off by 1 in the afternoon. Little gal did all the hard work of reeling them in, not to bad on her first fish.



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That is awesome! Way to go, getting her into some fish. Smile says it all, such a cool feeling it must have been, well done!


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Good on you Charlie! Nice looking fish great way to introduce a youngster to fishing.
Well if she had not done such a good fish dance at the beginning I don't think there would have been as many fish. That is a very important thing that must be done first you know.


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The memoirs that she will have is wonderful and being able to go one of the most beautiful lakes and in a great boat plus to catch fish will stay with her forever. In these days and times that experience is something that few kids get to have.
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