Deschutes lightning

well we decided not to stay the whole week,,,it started pouring rain and thunder and lightning all around,,we saw at least 3 lightning fires right around maupin,so we decided to replan the trip,,,,we did fish and got a few but its slow cause of the heat i believe,i couldnt get a fish to rise to any fly,,they all came on nymphs......there were a ton of rafters so it was the move and fish i was coming back up the river working pocket water i took a huge step and my foot landed 2 inches away from a huge redside,,,i could have picked him up with my hands if i wanted to......the heat was nasty 100+degrees.....all in all was a good trip but im gonna replan when it cools down a bit....:cool::cool::cool::cool::cool:
way to get the trout bite in the heat!!!
thanks,,,it was horrible,,,,,im a sunburnt tomato today.
yeah, and the water reflection never helps!!
Hey let me know if you want to take a walk up from the mouth for some early steel like in the next week or 2
bigsteel said:
thanks,,,it was horrible,,,,,im a sunburnt tomato today.

After last week there are a lot of two-legged tomatoes...sorry you had to come back early,but y'all did well to get anything.
Yesss, it was a very nice but short camping trip. It was great camping with fluffyfisherman and fisherwilly. I got skunked but made up for it at the Santiam this morning......

little guy on the Santiam on the first cast with a mahogany parachute dunn. The other two pics, of course, are the Deschutes
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Wowww!! So after I left you guys I went to the Columbia and caught some bass and bluegill. Then I drove back to Bend through Maupin. (Only 100 steelhead going over the John Day dam so no fish). I stopped at the top of hill on the Madras side of Maupin and just watched the lightning and fires. I think I watched the Devil's half acre fire start and grow to about ten acres in ten minutes. I saw some smoke from near where you guys were camped. I was wondering if you guys stayed the night or left. Glad to see that Lilsalmon caught a fish. (even if it was on a different river). That was some tough fishing. I might have to go back and go after some steelhead with my dad. Now that I know where all the road access is. It was fun fishing with you guys thanks for letting me tag along.

It was great to see you again...BTW...we all tag along together...the more the merrier...will have to do it again....Hope to see you at Trillium...that would be cool, its going to be a fun time. I lost my rod tip today so my faithful 6 wt is broke.....bigsteel let me borrow his, he is soooo very generous. It was that or his dad's fenwick...not going to touch that, his dad likes me....hehe Glad you got into some fish too. Those fires were a bit unnervy as we were driving up out of Maupin...
That was a awesome trip, the Deschutes River is beautiful. I wish we could have stayed longer, we will have to another trip.
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