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With our local lakes and reservoirs dropping by the minute I figured I would share a ramp report for Crescent. Went out Tuesday (8/11/20) afternoon to just pull the kids around in the tube in our ski/fish boat which is an older fiberglass boat that takes more water to launch than others. The end of the ramp is only a couple of feet deep now and if you need that depth it gets REALLY bumpy. Was ok on launch, but pulling the boat was a different story. Had to give it a couple goes to get the boat sitting straight on the trailer - the broken pieces of ramp and concrete at the end do all that they can to throw you off.
Typical afternoon wind prevented me from seeing any jumpers, but did mark a couple schools of kokes at the far end.
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Thanks for the 411! any algae?
Clear as can be, and it's not currently on the algae list.
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