Coos Bay

Any fishing reports out of Coos Bay? Thinking about doing a mixed bag trip next weekend for crab, bottom fish, and salmon. Just wondered how it has been down there.



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Fished from Jorden Cove ramp to Mansfield last week. Around the chip pile and RR bridge lots of salmon the problem is the crap in the water making
trolling a mess. Think next time I will just mooch a hole herring no flasher.
Saw some crab pots on the east side of the channel and talked to a guy at the ramp. Tons of small crab. Need to crab near Charleston.
Good luck

Bob Budesa

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A friend and I did equally well in Charleston on Thursday last, scoring two limits in 4 hours with four traps, with a few reaching 7.5"! All hard shelled, and firm meated. A day well spent!


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I forgot to post my report yesterday morning.
Finally got out on Coos Bay Monday 3/2.
Mid day low tide just before noon, a low coefficient and mild winds with no rain.
On the water just after 10 AM.
Put out our traps along the 25' line from about the #5 buoy to upriver in a couple hundred foot spread.
Then off to fish the cribs.
A Slow bite but we did harvest 5 black rock fish, 3 about 1 lb one about 2 lbs and best for the day and my personal best Black a 4 lb (On my buddies digital scale) beast.
Crabs were out moving around in good numbers but those numbers were almost all Females and shorts.
Three 1 hour soaks later we had tossed between 100 and 200 back for another day.
We Did manage to harvest 15 legals to split between the two of us though.
It was a good day.


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Awesome! I've been hoping someone would post a crabbing report. I was craving fresh crab a few days ago.

Curious how you fish the cribs. I've never had luck.


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Awesome! I've been hoping someone would post a crabbing report. I was craving fresh crab a few days ago.

Curious how you fish the cribs. I've never had luck.
I use a fishing pole.
Yeah I know, I'm just a SAOB.
I normally use swim baits, on jig heads, I don't really think color or type is important other than you want good visible colors. I'm convinced Black rock fish will try and eat anything that they see. I just toss them up close to the structure, let them fall to the bottom then swim them back to the boat. You get snagged a bit fishing close to the rocks and on the kelp, but it seems a lot of time the fish are holding close to the structure waiting for food items to come by to ambush from hiding. Which points out the importance of fishing the down current side as much as possible.
But I've caught plenty out away from the rocks as well.
But it takes a lot of cast and retrieve for each fish, with variations on retrieve speed and depth.......
By the way, I've had plenty of days where I didn't even get bit doing exactly the same as days where I caught my five in a matter of minutes.
Either way, it gives me something to do while my pots soak.

Check out PK's videos. That's where I got started doing it.
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I'm probably too impatient. I doubt I've given it enough time. I just wish the ocean would sit back down so I can get out to Simpson again. It's been a long time and I'm running out of fish in the freezer.


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That would be a problem for my little jon boat no matter the conditions outside.
Just not enough free board for me to feel confident even fairly flat conditions.
So I stick to the bay and fish the jetties when the waves allow me to further down river than the cribs. But that shallow bar next to them is where I usually draw the limit. when the waves coming in are breaking over it it gets a bit difficult to keep off the rocks and fish at the same time.
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