Columbia River sturgeon below Bonneville


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Hey All,
A group of buddies decided to rent a house in Washougal Washington for a bachelor party and while I was not a part of the decision making process in the house selected, I have been tasked with figuring out the fishing trip. In order to best have a shot at getting everyone on some fish I have decided C&R sturgeon fishing is the best bet. Unfortunately I am only familiar with the willamette areas for sturgeon fishing, and since my honey holes are an hour away I figured I would put it out there and see if anyone is aware of any good fishing on the Columbia a little closer to where we are staying?

But catching sturgeon all day long is sooooo much fun. I look at those pictures with so much envy. For such ugly critters, they sure at beautiful.

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We ended up fishing the willamette near St. Johns Friday "Toyota Hole" some people call it. We caught and released probably 20 before we ran out of bait. Herring was working extremely well for us. The largest of the day was close to 60" with many in the 36-50" range.


Pic of any of the over 54 can't take out of the water but love to see fish pic lol we grab the camera before the net just in case


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No pics of the big gal as I knew she was over the limit for being out of the water and I didn't have the camera handy. This one was 50 on the nose. Will try to dig up some others.


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