Columbia catfish

well, i went catfishing the other evening and didn't catch any cats. i did catch a sculpin, but thats all. i used nightcrawlers, and tried dead cut up perch, but nothing bit. i fished down at the pipes at the end of 158. does anyone have any tiips on how to catch these fish? i think that the cats are outnumbered in the columbia by everything else, so they are tough to catch.:think:
It aint called the mighty columbia for nothing... Honestly i dont even know if they called it mighty or not. But that is besides the point... the river is a BIG river with tons of different structure in millions of places. Learning to locate the fish and their structure and habitat are going to be the biggest things. I couldnt tell you where to begin.
I was at chinook the other evening and I caught two Bullhead Catfish that were about 5 inches. probably now what your looking for :p
Most of the bigger Catfish in there (channel cats) are gonna be out in the main channel of the river. I've heard of some decent ones caught out in the middle near Sauvies Island.
actually CrawfishPDX, i dont really care what type of cat it is! thats good news, because i am ALWAYS at chinook landing! where exactly at the landing did you catchem' ?
By the ropes on the left of the entrance
Troutier Bassier
I know the pipes your talking about I went there with my dad when I was younger. We would catch catfish on worms all the time! just keep trying and you will catch them. also try chinook landing. in the slough there.
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