Cleawox Lake


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Camped at Honeyman over the weekend, caught 2 decent bass and another smaller one on a spinner.

Also caught a trout on a zoom centipede worm which was pretty odd.

People were tearing up the trout on powerbait, I stuck to bass fishing from the shore.


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Great job @NKlamerus sounds like a great time and you took some beautiful pics!

I can't believe I am hearing about a Zoom Centipede, I would have never guessed anyone else on this forum ever heard of using a french fry for bass! My favorite Zoom plastic is definitely a 4" dead ringer. If you are a Zoom fan (like me) give it a try. In second place for me is their 6" Finesse worm although a carolina rigged Centipede definitely has its place in my arsenal.

Thanks for the report!!
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