Clear Lake (near Sisters)

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Hi, I'm a new member (long time lurker). Last week I took my wife and 7 year old boy to Clear Lake for some camping. I'd been there once before but didn't remember much about it. We fished and caught a couple little rainbows and a 14 inch brook trout. Throughout the day I saw 3 different 20" + trout at the cleaning station/dock. Man, I gotta get into one of those...

So our day on our rented boat ended, and we headed back to the campground. There is very limited bank access around Clear Lake, but there is one point that looks into the little cove at the southern tip of the lake, and it's a 5 minute walk from the first of the two loops. I saw many fish jumping here and hooked a couple on a kastmaster the previous evening.

It was windy, casting was tough, and my back was sore from fighting the wind all day in the boat. Was ready to call it a day. Then I threw out a PB and on the drop to the bottom, BAM! Out of the water comes flying this magnificent rainbow. Line screams, Milo cheers, the fight is on! We had no net and the only spot to stand on here overlooks some small brush down to the water. I get this fish up to the brush and see he's got the hook on the lip, could spit it off anytime. Milo is rummaging around in the tackle box to get the stringer. I pull Jaws up to me, over the brush, grab him and the hook falls off. Now I've got this guy squirming round in my hands, not connected to anything, and doing his best wet, large, and angry fish attempt to get back in the water. Milo finally comes through and I have my biggest rainbow ever at 18".

Quality over quantity. The funny thing was said by my son. "Dad, think how surprised you would've been if you hadn't seen those big ones earlier". True, but I also would probably not have been out there at the end of a long day, pursuing my own big one.:)
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Muhak Mountain
Sorry, wrong topic. Mods, can you move this to Central Oregon? Thanks!
Nice fish! And welcome to the forum.
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thats a great looking fish...
nice fish....I love Clear Lake...will be back some time soon.


Thread Moved Sir...great story; congratulations on a personal record. Very nice fish...

Way to go! I'll bet that you'll go back again and again.
Very nice trout. Always cast at least 5...10..15 times after the 'last cast'!!! Wait, that's a sure sign of an addiction!
Nice fish!!! I love Clear Lake!!! I limited out there a couple weeks ago! Nothing that big tho. Just stockers. Still a lot of fun!
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