Clackamas River

I know with all the wildfires and poor conditions this might not be the best time to ask.

Has anyone gone down to see if the Coho are there yet?

Once this passes I can't wait to go target them.

Stay safe everyone


Oh they're there. Just not in any substanial numbers yet. The bulk of the run usually comes in the middle of October. With the forecasted rain we should hopefully see some push of fish moving into the systems. I'm not sure how the Eagle Creek circus will play out this year with the closures due to fires but I've always made it a point to fish lower down and avoid that mess. Coho will let you know when they're in the water in any numbers they can't not show OFF..jerks.
I did pick up a nice Jack Saturday and a Nook that went back on monday at a neighboring river..


The aforementioned fish cause if there's no pics it didn't happen...


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Never done the Eagle creek part i stay below Barton. Should I continue up ?

I like Neighboring river, how is the turbidity of it ?

Thanks Socaaron
I like to walk in from the nature area just below Barton bridge, there's 2 good runs of Coho water just a short hike in. The first being in sight of the bridge and the second down around the corner. The neighboring river is OFF color but visibility isn't as bad as it gets sometimes, still fishable.


Nice fish thanks for sharing what did you get them on if you dont mind sharing
No secret there, twitching jigs. The ho on purple and the nook on black and chartreuse, 3/8-1/2oz Fisherman's had the Addicted one's on sale last week.
I like to tie my own but the patterns are pretty much all the same


The Clackamas is under severe fire watch and it's advised that anglers stay away from the area to allow fire crews to work the affected area (fire departments are taking water from Barton and Carver Park boat ramps). Fishing at the mouth of the river may be an option however, where most of the fish are likely to gather anyway.
That's funny didn't see any yesterday when i was there for three hrs what gives the fire take a day off?
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