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Sep 9, 2009
20 sq. miles surrounded by reality
Left the house, get a call from buddy..."I just woke up, I'll meet you at our designated spot in 45 mins. Since I have a tendancy to either not get to go when it is "planned ahead of time" or show up late myself, I just chuckled and said we are even....

So we finally get to the river early mid morning, We walk down to a slot that is usually pretty productive when the water is up where it is.

WE head down with our gear and there are 2 drift boats and 10 bank maggots myself and Mosd are 1/5th of the crew.I knew 1 other bankieand was told there had been 2 taken. I soon watched the guide across from us land a hot lil steelie

The area was pretty tight for ten bankies and 6 rods in the two boats. I tried to just roll with it and stay in a civil mood for the most part this worked pretty well.

After seyeral drifts on the "SEAMS" on either side of the Side-channel. No more luck from anyone.

I decided to walk down to an area that usually fishes best when the river is 2' lower.
This spot has heavy flow, has very god structure and has a nice soft seam that separates the turbulant hydraulics between the main flow and the back eddy that is caused by the rocks I'm standing on.

I made 5-8 casts on the edge of the current...not enough lead to get down amongst those boulders. By this time my shrimp was nothing but a small piece of tail hanging from the hook.

I doubled my weight and cast slightly upstream, as my gear gets even with me I feel what I think was probably one of the submerged boulders, a second later i feel that same thing....When in doubt, set the hook..and this chrome bullet shoots out of the river several times. I finally get it under control and realize that the only place to bank this fish if 40 yrds away through belly deep water. Drag it up into the rocks and rip the gills. Score Mike 1 Ryan 0 Steelhead 0

Not long after Ryan hooks ane and it wraps him in the structure under the surface in fast current.... mike 1 ryan 0 steelhead 1

Ryan hooks the next steel head and lands it. me 1 ryan 1 steelhead 1

After about 20 min.of nothing, and only a couple baits left, I once again hook up to a hot fish.. drag it down to the "beach" pull it up on the rocks and rip its gills.

After going 0-4 on my last trip, it was great to get a hook to stay put. only saw 3 other steelhead caught both boat and bank...


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Feb 8, 2009
Eugene, Oregon
Damn that water is high still. Nicely done. Great report!


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Feb 25, 2011
Oregon! ;)
Nice fish! That's a pretty good spot! Usually a good fish producer.
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