Chasin' Water!!!

Mad dog
Went out looking for some new fish and found some chrome! 2 of us hooked 9, landed 6, and 5 of those were 19"-21" 1 salts! :think: Crazy to catch that many 1 salts in one morning! Every fish we hooked this morning was bright and all these goofy little steelhead must have come in on the same tide! Crazy! :D 5 of the 6 steelhead my son hooked this morning were 1 salt fish, I caught 1....couldn't bring myself to tag out on a 20" steelhead at 10:30 in the morning! Of course I never touched a fish the rest of the day! My son finally hooked another in the early afternoon and tagged out with his mini-fish so we split! Weird day! 2nd time this season we have gotten into a bunch of 1 salts.

The hen in the fish box is 24".
Personaly,I like bonkers...Even small ones...LOL

Great day..
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Throbbit _Shane
nice fish MD!!
Mighty nice bro's.
well done...
Good job!!! nice fish!!!
Saweet lil feeshies mane!!
Mad dog
Just sitting here gazing into my crystal ball.....if I could only see into the future!!! If the weatherman is right and a certain river drops to a certain level before the rain returns wednsday....I'm fishin'!!! Chasing water....just trying to pick the best water!
Great work on the water, its flowing right for you.
nicely done guys!
Nice fish! I would have tryed for the same outcome you did. too bad could have left earlier with more fish but then wouldn't have got to fish all day either.
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