Central Oregon Tips.

in case you guys can't tell im a fairly new fly fisherman. im sorry for asking so many questions but its the only way to learn :D

does anyone have any stream, fly, rigs, etc suggestions to use in the la pine area. its just east of bend, any help is really appericiated...:D

and happy up and coming memorial day to everyone
flies i always have in my box for streams and rivers no matter where i go are..

Caddis all sizes and colors
Prince Nymph
Hares Ear
Possie Bugger

Can't go wrong with those
If you are going to be in the La Pine area there are tons of places to fly fish. There is the Deschutes, and Fall rivers. Get a hold of a map and just look at all those lakes. If you go to the west you'll find you are right in the middle of the Cascade Lakes. If you have a float tube or a pontoon boat head to the twin lakes by Wickiup Reservior. Or fish the water between Craine Prairie and Wickiup. Outdrsm gave you a good selection of flies, I'd just add some wooly buggers and damsel fly nymphs. As far as a rig goes when I'm fishing nymphs or big wet flies I'll fish two at a time. As in a green wooly bugger with a trailing hares ear nymph. Good luck, have fun, and head South out of Bend to Lapine not east:)
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Yah my when it doubt fly is some sort of stone fly with a trailing prince nymph. Just make sure the of the regs about double hooks it is illegal some places. Stimulators are always good to have as well both wet and dry. If I am at a new area I bring everything and my tying stuff and go with what I see.
thanks guys... very good information to know, hopefully i can capitolize on it...:lol::D:confused:
Always have a coachman varient and a couple ants.
Don't forget Davis Lake at outflow. Good place to see rainbows feeding on top.
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Cresent creek in the canyon off of the cresent cut off road, some decent browns and rainbows in there. Take bug spray!

Also the callebaetis hatch should be in full swing at east lake.
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