Caught this little beauty!

Took a day off Yesterday from Salmon and Steelhead fishing. I went and played with Some Sturgeon. I went out at 5am this morning wondering will there be fish in the same hole again:think:. I arrived at 5:30am. The guy that watched me catch the last one from the guide boat was there. He had a nice beautiful chrome steelhead on the bank. I waded back out again and 5 or 6 casts later and slam fish on. I fought the fish in the rapids for a few minutes then it shot into a nice slot. I tried to wear it out and it shot back into the rapids and snapped my leader.:naughty: It was a biggen:shock: So i rigged up with some heavier leader about a half hour later and i get slammed again by this little beauty. I am gonna go back and seek revenge on the big one that schooled me tonight and Tomorrow and the next day "etc" until I land the big guy:D. I was drifting the Pop a Top Egg colored yarn and corkie again. If its working don't change it. What a blast. This little fighter took me 4 minutes to wear it out. She had some more nice eggs for me to cure. She is 26" and 10lbs " a Little Fatso". Gonna taste Good.:lol: 6-27-2010Nookpics003.jpg
Killin `em!!! That`s reel noyce!!!
You got the juice man!!! Nice one bro
Right on man! You've been hammerin fish
Nice fish. That will make a good meal for sure! Too bad about about the one that got away but that gives a good reason to go another day.
Some nice weather for a ride also eh?
:clap:Nice fish man. Keep slaying um..
Nice one again FF, looks like you are really getting the nack for this man. We all are going to have to ask you for help pretty soon here.

There is just no stopping you or that popatop yarn.
way to go bro,,,,,,,,looks like your heatin up for the competition
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