Carp bait

Although I’m sure that by looking through archived posts I can get the answers I’m looking for I’ll post this anyways :)

I was recently trying to see if their were any bass in the ponds on a golf course and a I saw a lot of what I think we’re carp or koi, they were each probably a little less than a foot long but seemed to girthy around the middle unlike other carp/koi that I have seen they had a pretty uniform dark brown coloring from what I could past the murkiness of the water. I think that a few were either jumping or splashing the water pretty loud just coming up to suck at the surface. Their wasn’t a lot of plant life in the pond except for a few grasses sticking out of the water where the main group of them were located but I also saw them cruising around open areas. I was wondering if these sound like they are carp or koi or whatever, and also what good bait is to catch them that I could easily find/make at home.

One last thing they were really really skittish, does anyone have any tips for not spooning them when I approach and drop things into the water or if they will bite while swimming away.

Thanks guys!