Can I catch trout on a small sized popper?

When I’m fishing I always see trout feed on the surface and wanted to know if I could catch trout on top water baits without having to fly fish.
You don't have to "flyfish" to catch trout on a fly. "Fly and bubble" was my ticket for some time until I got a fly rod.
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Throw it out there, and see what bites ...

Tried and true way to answer "will it work?".

Lures and presentations are not exclusive or 'fish 'ist" in any way. Lots of bass posts on this forum regarding incidental trout and steelhead catches.
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Absolutely, I throw a small popper (fly) on my spinning reel and let it drift downstream.

But you could also try the Rebel grasshopper popper, traditional lure with 2 trebles on it, works great as well.
Diamond Lake Charlie
The only way to see if something is going to work is try it, that is how I learned to fish with an a just a bubble. Years ago they used to fish at the cheese hole with velvita cheese. and you had to reel up so far from the bottom. The person who figured that out did not know until he tried it. I am not a fly fisher, never could get those little buggers to hang in to the hook, but all bragging aside I have not set a hook in close to ten years, don't need to.
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