Can a store legally sell snaging rigs?

Just wondering cuz I had an hour to kill after school, so I went to sports Authoraty since it is next to my HS, and noticed they sold snagging rigs. The logo on the box says " Stop Naggin', Get Snagin'"! Just wondering if it is legal to sell these?:confused::confused::think:
Throbbit _Shane
Its legal to snag for carp :D
it is also legal to use ANY fishing method you choose on a private impoundment. ALSO crater lake national park has its OWN fishing regulations that apply within the national park itself... including no fishing license required. (yes there are feesh in crater lake)
The Nothing
Washington also allowed snagging for Springers at Drano this year, and a couple other locations
Don't know why it would be illegal to sell that stuff. After all, there have been "head shops" for years. The paraphernalia (thank you spell checker) is only illegal, once someone has used it.
those are ment for tobacco
Thuggin4Life said:
those are ment for tobacco

Oh yeah...dat's right! :think::rolleyes::shock:
how come it is legal to snag carp? is it because they are an invasive species or something?
Mainly because they are not in demand :) Asian (Grass) carp are an invasive species (controlled), Common carp are an introduced species (for food, pre 1900, as are brook trout, brown trout, and kokanee) and seem to be regarded as less problematic than asian carp. The English get nuts about fishing for carp - their carp are a lot smarter (better educated) than our carp, and a challenge to catch (carp have 6 or 7 senses including great hearing, and are pretty smart fish). I hear they are a hoot on a fly rod, if you can get a bite.
I once caught a bunch of carp, while using topwater plugs for bass. Weird...very weird.
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