Broke down and bought a switch rod.

After finally reaching a frustration point to send me into River City, i came out with a switch rod. As we all know, the river banks in our region are usually thick with brush right to the waters edge. I finally got to a point of wanting a new method to cover water and stay out of the bushes behind me.

It isn't a very fancy rod. Some small custom made brand from the east coast. I am only into the whole set up $300 for rod and reel. Don as usual gave me great service and a great price. The rod is a "Heritage Switch Rod". A 10'6" 3pc 7/8/9(lol) wt.


It should work until i figure out if it is something i want to keep up with. I didn't come to this easy actually. The main thing that drew me to fly fishing was the beauty of the single handed cast. Granted, spey casts have a beauty of their own but i will always be a single hand caster at heart i think.

Now, i just need to figure out how to use the damn thing. Lessons from a casting instructor are out of the question for the time being. Been watching YouTube vids but frankly most are not shot in a way that shows the rod and line very well. Anyone have any suggestions on books or better vids i can check out?
Skagit Master and YouTube.
What is the difference between a Spey rod and a switch rod?
jamisonace said:
What is the difference between a Spey rod and a switch rod?

A Spey is longer. 12'6" up to 15' or so. A switch is 10'6" to 11' or so. A switch rod can be cast one hand without much trouble as well. So, it bridges the gap between the two styles.
Are you nymphing or swinging (or both)? Here are some youtube clips that I've found helpful in getting me started spey casting. One of the pieces of advice I got that really helped was too be sure and let your bottom hand generate a lot of the power. I find that when I'm doing it right it's not a lot of work.

Snap T
Another Snap T demo
Double Spey
Snap T/Double Spey with off hand
Perry Poke
Thnx for the info guys.
I think you'll like the spey style casting. It's a style that you can tranfer to just about any rod you have. My spey rod is 13', much to large for small stream fishing. In December I fished the Klaskanine River a very small costal stream. The portion I fished had pleanty of overhanging trees and brush. I was usuing a single handed trout rod and a lot of snap t cast. That kept my fly in the water and out of the trees. Enjoy your new adventure.
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