Broiled asparagus

Hey, almost all the recipes here are for fish which is appropriate for a fishing forum but what about some side dishes? It's April and time to start harvesting asparagus. Or, if you don't have an asparagus bed, buy it in the store.



High grade the lot and select the biggest spears for broiling. Give the rest to friends of make soup.
Cut off the tough ends.
Baste with olive oil and sprinkle with garlic powder.
Broil for 8 minutes on high and serve. It's easy. Everyone's a hero with this recipe.

Thanks for bearing with me. This was a test to see if I could load pictures ok with a borrowed camera. I hope to have fish pictures next time.
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i'll give this one a try. mmmmmmm.
Give me 20 minutes, and I'll be there with a bib and fork! YUM!
Nothing better than growing ur own asparagus. It is so much better than any thing u can find in a store, NO comparison in my opinion?.
It's also good on the grill. I do it the same with olive oil and garlic. Also tried it with Italian dressing, and that is good as well.
Thats the only way I will eat is very good
Uhm. What's the taste? I haven't tried asparagus for the 25 years of my life.
Well, it's got its own flavor which some people may not like. I can eat the stuff raw. You may have a hard time finding any good fresh asparagus in July. Don't be afraid to give it a try.
True, some folks don't care for Asparagus. But, I've eaten in various ways my whole life...and love the stuff!
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