Book recommendations?

I see that Amazon has many books about Trout fishing available. Do any of you have any favorites that you would recommend? I'm always looking to add to my collection.

Here is the list. Thanks. trout fishing books: Books
I am sure you already looked at your library, but our library here in Salem has a huge selection of fishing books available.
That's a great idea. Thank you. I'll check it out sometime. <pun intended> :)
FishAssassin Spinner Fishing for Steelhead, Salmon and Trout ...

By: Jed Davis
Thank you. I do have Jed's book. Have had it for many years now.

The first time, that I made my own spinners and used Jed's principles...I hooked into four huge 'nooks in one day!

Jed is da man!
I have fishing in oregon: doesn't have a lot of"how to fish" but has a WHOLE bunch of different locations are around the state
I like that book too. I have the 7th edition.

There are still a lot of impoundments, that do not appear in that book. There's Thompson Reservoir near Blodgett. And, there is Bonner Lake just west of Hoskins, just to name a few. Plus an unnamed lake west of Bonner, on Mary's River Road.

But, "Fishing in Oregon" is a very valuable resource! It has gotten me onto many lakes that I had not heard of before--and I've lived in Oregon for almost 50 years.
Fish-On Fred
Author: John W. Ball An Introductiion to Steelhead , 1975, Casting and Fishing the Artificial Fly, 1972, Teaching your Fly to Fly, 1972, You've Hooked a Fish? Ye Gods! ,1972, One Man,s Overalls,1974 Mr. John W. Ball began tying artificial flys commercially as a high school student in 1924. After graduation he gradually worked into white water boat guiding, holding his first Oregon State Guide license in 1930. From the 1950's well into the 1970's, Mr. Ball conducted Fly Casting classes through University of Oregon Extension Division, Lane Community College, and the Y.M.C.A., as well as for several private groups.
Fish-On Fred
Author: Clain Campagna- A Fisherman's Guide to Cental Oregon,1986
Hmmm, that book by Mr. Ball, sounds like a possible "must have" for my collection. I'll see if can find a copy, thanks!

BTW, does your location mean the "Ol' Muddy" Creek that flows in and around Alpine and Bellfountain?
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Fish-On Fred
Yes to your question about "Ol' Muddy". Good luck finding copy. Fred
For flyfishing, Arlen Thomason's "Bugwater", is invaluable. Great photo's (and life cycle, etc) of all the local bugs that interest trout. All books by Dave Hughes and/or Rick Hafele are also worthwhile. While I buy some, I also recommend the library- search the catalog online, reserve, and pick up at your convenience.
Not necessarily trout, and on a slightly different angle, but how about some Hemingway?!?! One of my favorite authors... man, could that guy write.:clap:

Of course, there's "The Old Man And The Sea", but one of my recent favorites is "Islands In The Stream". It's lesser known and was published after his death. There is an epic fishing battle in there... swordfish, if I recall.
Thanks to all, for your great suggestions.

I also like the idea of finding books at the library. I can check them out, peruse them, and then go buy the ones that I really want for my own collection. :)

Happy trails,

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