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Not sure where to post this, but I've been having a hard time finding the actual law with respect to drinking while out fishing, or otherwise on the river.

I do understand the BUII laws - pretty much the same as driving... you have to be below .08.
But what I can't seem to track down is if it is even technically legal to be on a river and have beer or two (while under the legal limit).

Can I drink a beer on my float down the Sandy River? Can I drink a beer on the banks of the Sandy while I'm tossing spinners? What if I'm outside of the Metro Park areas and in what I presume to be that public land between the river and the high-water mark? (I'm concentrating on the Sandy since that's where I am most familiar and spend the bulk of my time)

I'm not advocating anything excessive, but just trying to track down the actual laws so I'm in compliance.... any insight?


What ever you drink, PACK OUT YOUR EMPTY CANS! I must have seen 15 empty beer cans along the bank today. Doesn't do much for my peaceful enjoyment of natures beauty.
Oregon Liquor Control Commission Laws and Rules

I'd start here if I was to look. Im thinkin' you aint gotta be .08 and above...its pretty much up to the cop.
If you are in any floating device, be a intertube or larger, one must have a whistle or a horn. Do not forget you lifejacket if your in an intertube.:think: If you are drinking and floating, they could imply that you are under if there are any diffilcultys present. Note that Goverment will and can impose rules that you may not be aware of to suit their means. Be careful and do not **** off smokey. Our rights are not what they use to be. Wear your life jacket, have I.D. availiable, be aware of the rules, and be very polite.:rolleyes:


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Oregon is a no tolreance state so its up to the cop even below .08, and a buii is 1 year boater opperating suspension along with any boat you own has unvalid registration so your friend cant take you out in you boat. has no miniumum fine so the fine will be less than a duuii at mininmun by far but will result in some jail time(road crew) and alchohol treatment just like a duii. be safe the only thing you can be drunk on the water now is a tube and still they might try to f ya. as for the bank think drunk in public.


Thanks for the advice... I had no idea even tubers needed a whistle. That's good to know.

I ended up taking my kayak down the Sandy yesterday (without a whistle :( ) and as far as I can tell, I was legal to drink a beer on the beach half way down the float.

And yes, I packed it in, packed it out, as I always do. I am pretty religious about leaving a place cleaner than I found it - whether out hiking in the woods or floating down the river, I always look for some piece(s) of garbage left behind by some piece of garbage and pack it out for them, and then I know I left it cleaner than I found it.

Anyway, safe boating everyone