Bluegill length


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I have to ask if the fish is laying flat on your hand or if your fingers are bent and you are using perspective to make the fish look bigger. If the fish is flat then I would say it is 8-9" if you are trying to trick us I would guess it is 6-7" :)


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to me that looks like a lure! I have one just like it! My thought was it was a know size, which gave the perspective.


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i'm going to say the biggest 1 is around a 9, since it was clearly bigger than this 8 incher pictured here...I don't see it passed 9 hand is 8 inches long, fingertips to middle line is 5 inches, middle line to wrist is 3 inches...

All in all just trying to catch the Oregon record bluegill

Next question, are all these bluegill or redears?


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Definitely not a redear, it is missing the red that is behind the black dot on the gill plate (from which redears get there name). Bluegill, redears, and green sunfish can cross breed so it could be a hybrid. I would guess that is considered a bluegill though. You made me look up which sunfish live in Oregon though.

I think the pumkinseed record is most vulnerable since it is less than 1/2lb. Bluegill is 2lb 5.5oz and Longear at 1lb 15.5oz both seem pretty hard. The fish in your picture is probably about 1/2 pound. That is about the size pumpkinseed you need to go down in history! Best of luck!

Also, not sure where you are fishing but all state records must now be caught from public waters. It is interesting that the pumpkinseed record that is there would not be able to be submitted today since Lake Oswego is not open to the public. I think the Largemouth would also not count but I am not positive there.

Bass, Smallmouth
1.762005Henry Hagg LakeNick Rubeo
Bass, Hybrid White
122014Ana ReservoirChad Meadows
Bass, Largemouth
1.62002Ballenger Pond, SpringfieldB. Adam Hastings
Bass, Striped
01973Umpqua RiverBeryl Bliss
5.51981Farm PondWayne Elmore
Catfish, Bullhead
72001Henry Hagg LakeBob Judkins
Catfish, Channel
81980McKay ReservoirBoone Haddock
Catfish, Flathead
01994Snake RiverJoshua Kralicek
Catfish, White
01989Tualatin RiverWayne Welch
Crappie, Black
01978Lost RiverBilly Biggs
Crappie, White
121967Gerber ReservoirJim Duckett
Perch, Yellow
21971BrownsmeadErnie Affolter III
Perch, Sacramento
11.21998Lost RiverJonathan Cogley
Sunfish, Green
111991Umpqua RiverJohn Baker
Sunfish, Pumpkinseed
7.681996Lake OswegoLinda Mar
Sunfish, Redear
15.51992Reynolds PondTerence Bice
15.31990Columbia RiverArnold Berg
14.21975Columbia SloughJess Newell


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I've lost the oregon record pumpkinseed a few times, and someone else lost it that I brought with me...pretty sure the same fish...

1st time, I hooked her, and she came off when I tried to flip it onto the bank

2nd time, I flipped her on the bank, and she flipped back into the water

3rd time, someone I took out hooked the fish, and it came off when she tried to flip it lol

Not only that, I know someone else that has pictures of 1 from a different lake they catch every year...I told them about the record and they didnt even know about it
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