Blue canoe spotted on the Willy

I saw a couple of dudes in a blue canoe, a day or two ago on the Willy. They were anchored up between the bridges in Albany, and the mouth of the Calapooia. I'm just wondering if any OFFers were in that boat. If so, did you catch any fish? It looks like a good spot for smallies.
Good eye.
Wasn't easy to spot that boat, going 65 mph over that bridge. :shock: :shock:

Were you one of the fisherpeeps?
hahaha. No, I was mostly referencing that you seen a blue canoe.

I dont really do canoes.

Now you force me to say, keep your eyes on the road.

Anyway, Ive got my eyes on coastal tribs and hunting, wont catch me on the willy.
LOL. I was only going 35, which is why I could actually see the canoe...and tell that their were two guys in it..and that they were fishing.
i was just on the middle fork......beautiful up there with nice trout...even the stockers are beautiful...cuz they are in a river...

So i don't hijack.....I don't like canoes...they tip too easy....especially blue ones....:D
lilsalmon said:
So i don't hijack.....I don't like canoes...they tip too easy....especially blue ones....:D

Okay, I'll go ahead and hijack my own thread. :lol:

You are quite right. Some 30 years ago, I was canoeing with a co-worker at Blue Lake (the one just above Suttle Lake). We fell in. And believe me when I say, that they call it BLUE lake for a reason! :shock: I'd swear that it was even colder than the fast moving Mac! :shock: :shock:

I have not been in one since. Oh; and I lost my first Eagle Claw reel and DAM Quick reel that my gramps gave me as a starter package. Those, and my glasses are still under 300' of ice cold H2O.

Now then...

Will anyone fess up to fishing from that canoe? They may not have been OFFers. But, I didn't see myself screaming at 35mph..."HEY! HOW'S THE FISHING"! :rolleyes:
Nope - wasn't me, I have a yellow canoe.

And I do plan on trying some bass fishing with it in a few weeks. I been in several canoes and they are all tippy, but its the hull design that determines how tippy and how (and if) it will tip over. Rule #1 - Do not lean over the side of the canoe. We splurged many years ago and bought a Wenona Spirit II, great boat and very stable.
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