Big Creek Res.

Couple of things. I see they are not showing Trophy fish going into Big Creek 1 & 2. I also don't see any stocking of #2 in April. We are going on Monday and was wondering if anybody knows what's going on.

I have fished there for a lot of years, and this is the first time I don't see trophy fish on the list. My wife heard they are going to be working on the Dam.


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I've fished #2, many times. I like that place. And I can hit Olalla the same day. And often do just that.

This year ODFW contracted with a private company. So stockings have changed. But I've been hearing that the fish, are much healthier now.
I heard that the stocking has changed. I use to work at Hebo Hatchery. It was a great place to work. Just a Fin Clipper, but not many can say I caught 60 thousand Steelhead by hand lol.

I will give a report Monday on how we did.
Well I'm not impressed. Caught 2 little ones and 2 12" ones. Really slow. We got checked for licenses by a very nice State Patrol officer. I have fished that lake for over 20 years, and this is the first time I got checked.


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Last month, we all did really well. I C & R'd at least 2 dozen, in 2 hours. Everyone else caught just as many. But ALL of the fish, were dinks (11" or less). Oh well it is; what it is.