Big crappie

This is the biggest crappie I have ever seen. I took a short vacation to the east coast and caught it last weekend. Sorry about the cell phone photo. I wish I had some nice pictures of chromers I have been catching here in Oregon but I don't, and I haven't been catching them. Congrats to all you folks that have been. Here is my crappie, it's all I got. It hit a plastic salamander while I was bass fishing.
Nice Crappie, I've caught a lot out of the snake river and different ponds but never that big. Fish on!
That's a big azz Crappie. Mmmmm battered and fried!
Johnny Southpaw
Hell of a 'Papermouth' you have there! Nice fish man!! Gotta love a hot crappie bite.
Holy smokes man, that would be a state record around here (or very close to it). NICE! And I like the battered n' fried idea too.

I'll bet it fought like a bass as you brought it in!
that thing is a beast! deep fry that puppy! and shouldn't this be in the fishing outside of oregon section?
Sweet - don't you just love those fish. Nothing like the fight using the prefect rod and reel, we have a nice population of decent sized fish just up the road a piece. Nice job and never apologize for a picture, my Digital SLR takes pictures like my point and shoot phone problem is I have no eye, I can see the shot, and miss it totally:rolleyes::think:.

Thanks for the post....

JEEZUS that thing puts the one i thought was big to shame that i caught out of hagg last year. Congrats man how much of a fight did it put up?
wow, carpzilla!!!! awesome catch man, bet you thought you had a nice bass on!! great fish!
Pig! Reminds me of the one i got a few years ago not quite that big though, what did that one weigh???? Great fish no doubt!!!!
brandon4455 said:
and shouldn't this be in the fishing outside of oregon section?

or in the "Fishing for other species" section maybe.
thanks for all the responses. I actually threw it back. I was hoping it would eat up all the small bass in the lake, because it is our family's little secret lake and it we have caught and released some hawgs in there over the years. I do like the taste of crappie. I imagine it weighed well over 3 lbs but not quite near the state record of almost 5lbs. I really had no idea crappie could get that big.
Yeah, I posted in the wrong location.
I caught it on an ultralight Abu-Garcia rod, but I have to be honest: the cold water temp and the fact that I hooked it 5 ft off the canoe led to a less-than ferocious battle.
NICE fish man. I don't think I would've had the will power to let that one go - it would be destined for the plate - since that single fish would be a meal for me & a guest :)
She is a reel beauty Bro.
Great Job.
Finneus Polebender
I wuz gonna say have not seen a crappie like that since I left Ohio and thought it had to be somewhere between 2-3lbs what a monster nice catch !
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