Best spot on the Columbia or Willamette in the PDX area?

I have a chance to take my boat out this next Sunday 7-10-11. I was hoping to find some summer run chinooks (is the summer run real, or is it just left over springers?). Does anyone have a suggestion where the best place might be? Also what would be the best rig for the spot? I'm a green horn salmon angler (I love them kokanee) so any help is greatly appreciated.

Most folks are pretty tight lipped about their personal "best spots". So, IDK if you'll get the information that you're looking for. On the other hand, if you OFFerd to take another in your boat, you might get some results. Just my .02 and something to ponder.
THere is a real summer run, there called June hogs, and they are big.
Moe said:
THere is a real summer run, there called June hogs, and they are big.

Not trying to argue, but June Hogs went extinct with the completion of Grand Coulee Dam. There were several hatcheries that tried to introduce these fish into other streams that were not sucessful. There are however true Summer Chinook and these can be larger than the average springer from the Columbia system.
idk about a boat but the sandy has some good spots on the river im in gresham let me know if u wannna hit the bank today i had one on and lost it my first ever lol it was pretty awesome he was a big one too then this guy next to me made me trip and fall and i lost it lol fishing in tight spots is a pain in the neck
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