Beginner Salmon fishing for DUMMIES...

Hey, Ive fished lakes and rivers for trout since ive lived in Oregon, But never really expanded to anything else. I went to Prineville recently and caught a 21" 3.5lb nice trout from the crooked river and lost that little stock trout passion...If you know what i mean. Im relatively new to this so im sorry if i dont know the procedures lol My question is, i would like to start fishing for salmon and steelhead but dont know a good set up. Im not looking for secret set ups or special spots, just the set up in which to start learning what it takes to begin. If you dont mind, kind of be specific on what your talking about... I did say salmon for dummies. I know trout stuff... Thats it. I read your guys' posts all of the time, and im a little jealous of how fun it looks! Thank you for your time and any advice!
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cmcdonald said:
...I went to Prineville recently and caught a 21" 3.5lb nice trout... i would like to start fishing for salmon and steelhead...

It looks like you already started :lol: Here is what Oregon Sport Fishing Regulations say:
"Steelhead - sea-run rainbow trout over 20 inches..." ;)
lol thats true... However, i am meaning on purpose... Kind of like the one your holding in your pic. Im assuming you werent fishing with a panther martin for that guy! Ive watched your videos they are always entertaining :clap:
Panther Martins and many many other spinners are extremely effective for summer Steelhead. I've got three of em in the last couple weeks.
On the Clack? Thank you.. i really had no idea and kind of assumed it was more difficult than that... But i guess more geared towards salmon fishing then in my questioning. I will start trying to fish the Clack. I thought there had to be more to it so i havent even tried. I appreciate it!
There are hundreds of ways of fishing for Salmon/Steelhead spinners being one of them. There is a ton of info on here on how to rig/fish for both Salmon and Steelhead. Check out the Salmon and the Steelhead sections, a lot of your questions will be answered.
Start with a 8-9` med light to med heavy rod (MH might be a bit big for steel but you can get a lighter rod after catching a few). You`ll need a reel that can hold around 200 yards of 12lb test. Buy some 8 and 10lb leader material, I use Maxima UG. You can use a heavier flouro if ya like, 12-15lb. Get yer self some R&B and Blue fox spinners in black, blue, pink with brass and chrome blades. Start chuckin `em! Good luck, that`ll get ya tossin hardware and the rod will drift fish real well too. It`s not IDEAL for bobbers but will be just fine, especially if yer not casting a long ways. PM me for more on drifting and stuff if ya want to.
Thank you for the help Metal! I appreciate it.
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