Alton Baker Canal


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Plenty of carp out there, common and grass I believe

Long brown slender ones as well as shorter gray carp with white stomachs

Weather today is absolutely perfect for a trout, I've caught almost all my big trout there in overcast weather

Could have been a bass? There's also MONSTER pikeminnow out there, 12"+, but they usually fight pretty hard


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The fly fisherman on the tube lives out there, he's in one of the canal houses almost up to the first crossover bridge, fishes it quite a bit but never keeps any.


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Yes, overcast weather yields the best fishing in the pond. That's been my experience, and the only trophy-size 'bow I've caught in there was from an overcast morning last October. Yesterday I was fishing powerbait floating worms 2' off the bottom on the south side of the inlet, hoping to hook a perch in between the dinky rainbows. That combined with the lack of a fight is why I thought carp. It was just big and stubborn, I doubt I moved it 2 feet.

Can't blame the float tube guy for not keeping the pond trout. I wouldn't fry one and eat it but they do smoke up alright.


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Haven't been out in awhile but man what a blast.

1 bass, 4 bluegill, 11 trout, and 4 pikeminnow.

I had some leftover live worms from the camping trip, every fish was caught weightless on a live worm and 6# test.

Water is back up to winter levels, maybe the cleaned out the grate in the river, or adjusted the flows, but it's plenty deep.

Water is a little stained, got off a little early, just too busy with people.


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Looks like a really fun day @NKlamerus ! Those bluegill are so pretty. In most years I spend some time chasing them at Hagg but with the crowds being what they are this year I have not done it. When I fished around Newburg I had sunfish follow my lures in multiple times but I did not have anything with me that was small enough to catch them.

Great job and thanks for the report.


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I haven't used facebook in 5 years. What are people catching in the river at west D? I've scouted a few river spots between Day Island and Ferry Street Bridge but I haven't fished them yet. I have 4 days OFF this week and I'm looking to get caught up.


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Went yesterday for an hour and ahalf.
7 trout and one small bass

People are starting to catch more pikeminnow in the pond, going to be a real nuisance if ODFW doesn't do anything with them.

Seeing LOTS of fresh bass this year, hundreds of little 1-2" Largemouth up and down the creek


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I thought I snagged a beaver!

I spooked her from underneath the kayak and made a toss in towards her heading, she smoked it on the sink! View attachment 615644View attachment 615645
fish the canoe canal right under the interstate......4lb line size 16 egg hook no splitshot pink Pautskeeeez egg. yellow maribou jig caught a 14" & 12" one today. water clear very smart fish. lots of them. prepare to be frustrated with looks and chases but they can be fooled
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