Alton Baker Canal


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Rented a kayak yesterday and made my way up Alton Baker canoe canal. Fish were active! I was somewhat worried about the bluebird day but they didn't seem to mind, just slowed down a bit.

Saw LOTS of people fishing, caught some up the canal and at radio tower pond.

All on panther Martin's, lost a monster when it jumped and broke off!

2 smaller fish, 2 medium fish, and one good one.

Also saw 2 otters, carp, bass, bream, and lots of trout.


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Yeah man ive been hitting that spot really often this summer, probably have like 40 fish outta there so far. These last few days were pretty good, i go there at about 8pm and fish until dark and got my limit the last two nights within about an hour fishing near the drift spot. My favorite thing to see there is the osprey diving into the water and landing fish, ive only seen the otters once before but people talk about them sometimes.


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Quick evening trip, may return tomorrow but not sure yet. Kinda want to fish the Umpqua

Was hoping to take home a trout but of the 4 other people fishing there no one was catching any.


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Went out to AB last night, fish jumping everywhere but not a lot of bites. Of the 4 or 5 fisherman at the pond I was the only one who caught anything. Got a little guy just like your top right, wasn't sure what it was so I threw him back. Maybe 8 or 9 inches. Got one rainbow, about 11 inches long but pretty thin, hooked deep in the gills and bleeding everywhere so I kept him.

Is the top right a perch? Can you keep them, and if so are they good to eat?
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