A spawn sack vid for salmon and steelhead!

Heres a nice little video I made to help some folks out. I know there is not a lot of vids on this so here ya go.

Feel free to provide any feed back.
Tying spawn sacks linky
Thats a very good looking spawn sack. Cool tool btw. I havent used spawn sacks for steelhead but do like them for the nooks. I'll add some meat and puff balls to the sacks as well, like sardine or herring. I think its a much better way to fish eggs then just a loose cluster.
Nice footage snuck in there from the fly fishing trip on the LNF. :)
Teheheh I snuck some fly casting from the Little North Get Together in there :)
Yeah I thought some of thse clips looked familiar. Nice tight egg sack. Maybe a little yarn through the bait loop could be added too.
Nice vid. Same way I do it without the tool. Handy looking contraption though.
noice vid..can't wait until we do the fly fishing ones.. :D
I need one of those tools and that clearish netting, mine usually end up coming out real loose, and I'm not known for twistin up something loose ;):D.

Bud, those will be great for plunking and drifting deep holes, I about gave up on spawn sacks until I saw how neat you tied that one.
Thanks guys. I will be doing more tutorials soon :)
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