Went out to the crooked river and the rez this past weekend. I didn’t do any good in the river but I took advantage of my two-rod license in the reservoir and pitched kastmasters and power bate from the south end of the dam. I hooked and lost three kokanee with the cast master. They wouldn’t even try to run they just came straight up and thrashed around on the surface until the hook tore out. That was frustrating… I had my power bate out there as well but it wasn’t doing anything until it was time to go and I pulled it up abruptly to get the weight of the bottom and noticed it was tugging back. I had a fish on! Got her in and turned out to be a nice 17 inch rainbow. That was a good note to end on and helped to make up for the others lost.

Kastmaster = gold and green, casted out as far ad possible and let hit bottom then jig back.
Power Bait = chartered, small gold treble, 2ft 4lb leader, 1oz slip rigged weight.

Good luck out there,
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Nice way to end the day! :clap:
Nice trout!
Throbbit _Shane
very nice trout!! 2 rod permit came in handy :D
Yea I'm definitely digging the two rod permit! I generally don't enjoy fishing bate, but sometimes it's all the fish will hit. So now I can fish bate and throw lures and have the best of both worlds! That's a great reservoir too, I don't think i have ever caught a trout out of there that was less than 14 inches.
When I opened her up, I checked to see what she had been eating. Her gut was jam packed with size 16 to 18 black nymphs and the partially digested remains of two crappie minnows. I remember a few years ago being there for spring break and there were dead and dying crappie minnows washing up on the banks. The trout were really keying in on them and were hitting minnow imitations pretty good. I never did find out any reason for all the dying crappies. Anyone have any insight on the matter?
Sounds like an awesome day. There are a ton of trout below the dam, but they are hard to catch. I think they get fished a lot, mostly flies. I've tried everything down there, and have seen a bunch of fish, but never done any good.
Thats a nice looking rainbow. A meal for sure. Haven't done much for bank fishing with the 2nd rod since i troll all the time but can't wait to do what you did event though i never fish bait on the bottom it could help even the playing field.
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