3/4oz Clear bobber for jigs/worms

I used to fish with small bobbers using only 3 small split shots and a jig and got few fish on it. I bought new casting rod/reel setup and light stuff is hard to cast so I got bigger clear bobbers and casting is good again(I like the setup). I fished with it few times and I had a strike or two but no fish so far. I'm afraid that 3/4oz lead that's hanging under the bobber will reduce my strikes(scare steel). Is my concern valid? I use fluorocarbon leaders but if the lead is too big and kills the bite my whole setup is useless. Am I ok or should I buy spinning setup for bobber fishing and use small bobbers to catch more steel?
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If you are fishing really clear water then I think you have a valid concern, any way, one float rod is never enough:)
I was surprised to see how big of floats and jigs people are using too. I normally use 1/4oz floats with a 1/8 or smaller jig and an in-line weight, anything bigger just seems to make a huge splash when it hits the water.

That's not so bad as long as you cast outside the strike area and let it float in, but if it's at all crowded you are splashing someone else's strike zone upstream of you.

But I'm a steelhead noob, and would love some insight.
I would say 3/4 clear is fine for like the clack and sandy Like SS31 said maybe in low clear water you would want to go smaller or maybe EC when its clear but Im one of the guys who use a lil bigger float.... also thats what the people who I picked most my stuff up from use so what can i say.... I think fish what you have confidence in!
It kind of depends on water height, the flow and clarity. I use as small of floats as I can get away with but when the water comes up I use a 20g drennan, but a 1/2oz west coast would be good too. Smaller water. The 8 and 11g drennan and 1/4oz west coast. To much flow and the smaller stuff will not get down but will just get dragged down river. To big in low water and you will just be overkill and it could affect your catch rate!
TNX for your responses. Makes sense.
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