2017 blacktail success thread


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I didn't want to steal away from the awesome story of another thread, so I thought I would start a general deer success thread.

My brother, Dad, and I all went back to our old and faithful spot for a long weekend. My brother and I had just started a hunt through the timber and made it about 300 yards in. I was sitting on top of a bench glassing through the trees when I spotted this guy. I tried to radio my brother but he wouldn't answer. So I took the shot at about 75 yards, but I didn't see him go down because of the trees. When my brother made it over to me I walked him through what had happened and we headed down to look. He had fell right where I had shot him.

We tried to get my dad on the radio again, to have him come back and pick us up. That is when I discovered that my radio was on the wrong channel....No wonder no one was answering me. All in all it was a great weekend and some good memories. Dad is headed out today to try and find another one, but there might be a couple of tags tossed in the freezer with this guy. Anyone else have any success stories from the season?



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Is that an old 30-30? I gave my 25-35 to my son to take to alaska, which was my grandfathers. I quit hunting, I developed a fear of some twitchy knucklehead shooting me!
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