1979 Chrysler 55hp out board

Just pick up a 1979 Chrysler 55hp outboard for $100.
I know that it needs a new impeller.
I will check the compression and spark tomorrow.
If nothing else all the parts will fit my 60hp outboard.
But I have a good feeling that I just got luckly.
Good deal bud. Is it a newer motor? or do you think 5 extra ponys will be the ****? At least you got parts if nothing else.
I got it for the parts but if it is a running motor it will be a great back up.
5 hp won't make much different on my tri-hull.
I did the compression test today-
Top has 150 psi-Bottom has 50 psi.
Spark on both cylinder.
Sunday I going to pull off the head to see if the motor can be saved before I strip her down for parts.
bummer bud
No bummer-I got enough spare parts off of it if I have scrap it to make up for the money-a spare prop is worth $50 just by it self.
Does that 60 hp work well with the tri-hull? What do you use to troll with? I just got a tri hull with an 85hp and need to set up for trolling.
I just got a tri hull with an 85hp and need to set up for trolling.
Good deal! I love a tri hull for fishing!!

I tried a trolling plate t wind.with the 60hp and it did work great at slowing my boat down-gas mileage sucks!
At .5mph I used just as much gas as I do at 12 mph.

I went with a 55lb Minn Kota stern mount motor with two group 27 Costco deep cycle batteries.
Works great-I almost always just use the one battery-about 12 to 15 miles with out a wind.
Bow mounted motor would be great but much more money.
I meant buumer that you don't have a spare. Having parts is worth it though. I must be dislecsic thought the motor you just bought was 5hp more than the one on the boat.
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