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    What did I catch?

    Chinook jack
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    Aluminum boat trailer

    I have a very light, all aluminum trailer for my drift boat and that has never happened to me. My guess is your holding air somewhere. A few holes in the right place should fix it.
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    Fishing garage sale...

    Good on ya Chuck! That's a great place for it to go.
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    Fishing garage sale...

    I'm interested. Keep us posted on your plans.
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    Trillium Lake ice fishing

    We enjoyed ice fishing in Utah on Strawberry Reservoir catching huge trout and perch on Deer Creek. Then in Wyoming we caught trout and burbot. I left all my gear with friends in Wyoming when we moved back to Oregon. I wouldn't mind getting back into it. Looks like you guys had a great time...
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    Steelhead 2021 Show OFF

    Awesome! I need to get back to that run one of these days. I have a lot of good memories learning how to steelhead fish. Every fish was unexpected and special since I didn't know what I was doing. My wife did the logo on your guide's sled. She does a lot of them for Koffler. I saw the boat...
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    Steelhead 2021 Show OFF

    I had a couple this year that fought so hard I thought they were springers. When I got them to the net I was shocked they were only around 10 lbs.
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    Steelhead 2021 Show OFF

    Looks much bigger and it didn't even require a long arm. LOL Still a good looking catch. Strong work.
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    Steelhead 2021 Show OFF

    Good lookin shoulders
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    Question on river etiquette

    Some guys will never be happy with another fisherman in the same zip code as them. I find it's best to be a little chatty and most people will be friendly back. In this case, his problem was his problem alone. Given your description of the situation a person needs to show up to a spot like...
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    Steelhead 2021 Show OFF

    0 for 3 is better than 0 for 0. I got a goose egg on the Elk on Friday. That's a long trip to not even get a line bump.
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    Steelhead 2021 Show OFF

    Awesome! Always feels good to get the skunk off. Nothing like a confidence boost to help you find more fish. Looking forward to more photos.
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    Tying yarnies

    I was bored last month and filmed these videos for the forum but couldn't figure out how to upload. I finally put them on YouTube so I could just link here. My way is so quick and easy. I slowed it down for the video but I can knock these guys out with the leader and egg loop in about 45...
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    Steelhead 2021 Show OFF

    Steelhead SHOW OFF is a little light on content this year. Here's a couple more to keep things moving.
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    Novice looking for small trout streams

    15 pounds plus are not uncommon according to a guy I talked to that chases them. I heard of 20 plus pounders in Lookout. I've heard they don't taste good too but I watched a show recently and they said they are delicious. Who knows? I've heard of people that think Mcdonalds burgers taste good.
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