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    Steelhead spinner rods for sale?

    SE Portland. I am able to drive a reasonable distance as well.
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    Steelhead spinner rods for sale?

    Anyone have any spinner rods that they are trying to part with? Looking for something 9.5-10 foot with medium action. Let me know if you guys have anything you are willing to let go or isn't getting any use and needs a good home! Tight Lines!
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    Spinner building

    I do have a copy of this. It’s a great book!
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    Spinner building

    I bought my first spinner building kit online. I built all the spinners and they work great. I was wondering if anyone knows where the closest place to Portland Oregon is that I can go buy spinner parts. If not what are your favorite sites for getting parts? Thanks in advance!
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    Winter steelhead 2019 show OFF

    Caught this little native yesterday. Safely released. Hooked one other monster but he broke my snap swivel. The guy across the river from me caught the same fish drifting and after fighting it for 10 minutes it snapped his line. Going back tomorrow to see if I can hook that sucker again.
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    Steelhead fishing in Hood River

    Hey everyone, my names Justin I am new to the forum and fishing. I've been reading a lot the last week or so but this is my first post. I am looking to do some steelhead fishing at Hood River tomorrow. I know of a spot I am looking to explore but I was wondering what my best bet to rig is? Any...