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    Jon boat any good in southern Oregon?

    I had a Jon boat about 15 years ago for a couple of years. The flat bottom made it relatively stable when moving around within it but it got blown around a lot in the wind. I only took it on flat water (lower Willamette, Tualatin and Hagg Lake). Not much freeboard. I definitely wouldn't take it...
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    Alton Baker Canal reports 2020

    That sucks. I'm glad you had a good time on the water before coming back to your truck.
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    Cedar Oak bass report 6-24-20

    Launched out of Cedar Oak this morning around 8:45. Fished towards LO for 2 hours. Caught 3 decent smallmouth and 2 dinks. Ned rigged tube and wacky rigged senko, both in green pumpkin/red flake. Parking lot had half a dozen trailers. Ramp was starting to get busy when I pulled out around 10:45...
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    Dorena Lake 6-20-20

    Focused or not, those are nice fish. Thanks for the report.
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    6/17/2020 Willamette River report

    I agree. The bites were very subtle, but at least the algae/moss isn't as bad as it was earlier.
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    6/17/2020 Willamette River report

    I was able to get out on the Willamette for an hour and a half this morning for a little bass fishing. Launched at Willamette Park - Portland around 9:00. Fished from Sellwood to Lake O. No luck with a paddle tail swim bait or a senko. Caught three between 1-1.5 lb on a Ned rigged TRD tube. Not...
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    My first bass out of Bond Butte! 6-14-20

    That's how I usually rig them also with a light wire hook. I'm hoping to get out on the Willamette on Wednesday and I'm going a Texas rigged Senko with a nail weight in the opposite end. I saw an Ike YouTube about this referring to it as the Tiny Child Rig.
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    My first bass out of Bond Butte! 6-14-20

    Nice fish. Are you fishing your Senkos wacky or Texas rigged?
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    Noti Creek Reservoir reports

    Thanks for the report!
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    Prineville Reservoir

    I’ve had good success there with pumpkin or watermelon Yum Dingers with chartreuse tips, wacky or Texas rigged.
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    Fly fishing lessons

    I took a day long class through a fly shop/guide that was "on-water" that went through entomology, fly selection, casting, mending, etc. I found out that casting is only a part of fly fishing. I'm thinking of going back for a refresher. If you can afford it, I'd really recommend taking lessons...
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    Thread reply ban

    Unlike some forums that I have been on, I have found members of this forum to be supportive and respectful and I greatly appreciate how this community functions. This seems like a solution in search of a problem?
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    Alton Baker Canal reports 2020

    Those are some really nice fish! Thanks for the report.
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    Noti Creek Reservoir reports

    That is a realistic looking and sized swimbait. I don't see catching many dinks with that. Thanks for the report.
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    Back in the kayak club, major repairs

    Very nice setups for loading and storage.